Get one-of-a-kind 3D models for product photos and AR

Manufacturers give retailers standard photos that repeat thousands of times across the web, Amazon, and eBay without variation, always making price the sole deciding factor for buyers.

Large-format, unique rendered products will put your sales offerings far ahead of the others.

If you don’t prefer bigger, sharper, interactive product images, then good luck with that!

You can always leave your products looking just like all the rest.

Increase sales & profit margins with
AR-ready, 3D rendered images

Do you want first-rate product images?

3D rendering is the must-do alternative to other photographic and product imaging methods; its use is expanding rapidly with massive growth in demand.

A huge range of items can be modeled – from tools and appliances to furniture and clothing.

Hurry down to the form below and let me know what I can do for you!

Your delivery:

  • 6 photo-studio quality, still product images (front, back, sides, angles) at 4K resolution
  • 2 product-in-use “lifestyle” images with the product model placed in background photos of your choice
  • 1 animated, augmented-reality 360° model, embeddable in any web page or e-shop and viewable through AR-capable smartphones
  • All source files

Why use product rendering with AR capability?

For all the right reasons!

  • Full creative control according to your ideas
  • No camera, lighting, physical products, or studio required
  • Large format images for both web and print
  • Straightforward, detailed visual product description
  • Future-proof images
  • Reduce bounce rates to 0%
  • Increase contacts, conversions, and sales
  • Superior customer/product interaction

Transform the way your customers shop and buy with 3D product rendering

I produce professional and effective 3D models for advertising and marketing photography, print or web design as well as websites, branding and packaging. The 3D models that I create enable businesses present their products in a modern, high-end way. I also do AR builds that are interactive and fun to use.

Augmented reality adds enormous value to every kind of business. 3D products are far more realistic and engaging than flat imagery, resulting in higher sales, on-page engagement, and larger profit margins. I’d be happy to provide you with many samples of my previous work.

3D models also provide features that are simply impossible to recreate with traditional product photography. As more devices and platforms support augmented reality, 3D modeling is the easiest way to make any product AR-ready.

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WordPress design

Theme/plugin customization, ecommerce

2D and technical content

Illustrations, datasheets, user manuals & documentation


Portraiture, product, street photography


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